korps kaapstad

to the site of the Historical Drum Corps of the Royal Dutch Military Police (Marechaussee).

The Historical Corps of Drums presents itself at special occasions, both as an independent unit and together with the Band of the Royal Dutch Military Police. The latter takes place at reunions, veteran days, historical events and tattoos. Sometimes the Historical drum Corps takes care of military ceremonial duties if the Band is not available due to other duties or to a stay abroad.

The actual Historical Drum Corps fully consists of volunteers, amongst whom former Marechaussee musicians and other talented musicians. The percussion section gets its instruction from Warrant Officer 1 (Retd) Hans Matla, a former percussionist of the Band.

The Drum Corps has as its conductor a former percussionist of the Band as well: Warrant Officer 1 (Retd) Jan van Lienden, who is also the Drum Major.